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Scrap Suppliers With Experience of Recycling

Esskay & sons is a dynamic, independent trading company, established in Pakistan since 1980.

From our birth we are focused on buying Non-ferrous Metals Scrap in particular Aluminum scrap for the domestic industry in Pakistan In our many years of business, we have built up extensive experience in recovering Aluminium from labour and energy intensive materials, all in an environment friendly manner.

Electric Cables & Wire Scrap

Aluminum & Steel Scrap

  • PVC Insulated Aluminum cables 45%, 50-55%, 60%, etc
  • Mixed Aluminium copper PVC cables like 45/5%
  • Clean ACSR Coils
  • Offshore/sea cables
  • Low grade cables with Alum or Copper
  • Steel Armoured lead Cables with Alum or Copper
  • Coaxial cables
  • Aluminium Sandwich sheets (Alucobond) on pallets
  • Aluminium foils like 80/20, 70/30, 60/40
  • Champaign & yogurt Foils
  • Aluminium Bottle caps , Aluminium tooth paste tubes (TPT)
  • Aluminium foam injected profiles /window blinds
  • Alum/ Fe Condenser pipes in length
  • Aluminum/ Zinc Anodes



sustainability is strongly integrated in the core of what we do. Together with our customers and partners, our operations create value in the form of reduced climate impact as well as more efficient use of resources. But sustainability is not only about the climate and natural resources. It is also about taking care of each other – both at work and in society.

With sustainability as our guide, we can work together to reduce our reliance on the Earth’s natural resources. We can also make a more positive impact on the world around us, on the people we meet and the way our company and our partners do business.


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