Esskay Group processes and trades all types of Aluminum Cable Scrap.

Aluminium is a relatively soft, generally silver-coloured non-ferrous metal. It may also have been painted or varnished. It is a very commonly used metal in many different industries, mostly because it is lightweight, strong and easy to shape.

The price paid for the various types of aluminium depends on the quality, the aluminium price quoted on the London Metal Exchange and certainly also on current market conditions.

Aluminium scrap: (ISRI specifications)

  • Tablet (lithographic sheets)
  • Taboo (mixed nw, low Cu/Zn)
  • Taint Tabor
  • Tally (radiators)
  • Talk (with or without iron)
  • Talon – Tann – Taste (wire)
  • Telic (borings-turnings)
  • Tense
  • Tutu (profiles)
  • Almg (5xxx)
  • ACSR
  • UBC
  • Tough/ Taboo (mixed solids)
  • Troma (wheels – auto or truck)
Aluminium foils

  • Foils (with or without plastics)
  • Foils (clean or painted)
  • Yoghurt foils
  • Food foils
  • Champagne foils
  • Blister foils
  • Pharma foils
  • Laminated foils
  • Venatian blinds
  • Cans
  • Tubes
  • Bottle caps

Aluminium Cable scrap


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