Types and Composition
Electric meter scrap is classified into various types based on the material composition. Predominantly, it includes other metal scrap, with a portion comprising copper scrap, and a smaller fraction as aluminum ingots. The scrap comes in different forms, such as lump and flake, catering to specific recycling needs.

Applications of Electric Meter Scrap
The applications of electric meter scrap are extensive in the metal recycling industry. The recovered metals can be repurposed into new products, reducing the need for virgin materials and contributing to environmental sustainability. The versatility of the materials recovered from electric meter scrap makes it a valuable resource for various industrial processes.

Features and Advantages
Electric meter scrap offers several features and advantages. Its recyclability is a significant benefit, promoting a circular economy. The diversity in material types, from iron and steel to non-ferrous metals, allows for a broad range of recycling opportunities. Moreover, the scrap’s adaptability in form, available as both lump and flake, facilitates ease of processing for recyclers.

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